"Bremerton and Puget Sound Navy Yard" by Fredi Perry Pargeter

 Bremerton and Puget Sound Navy Yard

Bremerton, Washington is rich in history of the Pacific Northwest. Lying due west of Seattle, the area was the winner of the contract to build a dry-dock for the US Navy in 1891. Foresighted real estate developers bought up homesteaders’ land, platted a town site, and thus began a partnership that has lasted well over a century.  Those individuals, businesses, and services are chronicled in this 400-page , 400+ photo history of the town and its military partner.

Bremerton and PSNY
by Fredi Perry
Bremerton and Puget Sound Navy Yard
Amy Burnett cover artwork of Yeomanette, the first women to serve in the United States Navy

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Long known in the town as the Opera House, it also housed the Gates’ family- owned US Furniture Company, now only a memory as a new building stands in its place at Sixth and Pacific.

Hundreds of period photographs of Bremerton are included in the Perry book: Bremerton and Puget Sound Navy Yard.

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What they’ve said about the Bremerton history book

“ …. 400 pages thick and as heavy as an anchor, Perry's hard-bound tales tell the stories of Bremerton and the shipyard all right. But in their telling, they link Bremerton to the greater Puget Sound region in a way that is clearly unrivaled.”
Gordy Holt, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“She is, fortunately, a busy body. Not a busybody, someone who pokes around in affairs that aren’t any of her business, but a vigorous, energetic pursuer of information about Bremerton’s first century. She would be hard-pressed, I think, to know when she started work on this book. As Senator Dirksen might have said, but didn’t, a little information here, a little information there, and pretty soon you’ve got a book. Well, not pretty soon. In the case of this volume, it is the accumulation of at least 25 years of fact gathering. I think no one else could have written a history of Bremerton so broad and deep. Her eye is on every sparrow.”
Frank Wetzel, retired Associated Press Bureau chief, and author

“In these pages the reader can discover how glaciers carved out our stunningly beautiful Puget Sound, read about earthquakes, treaties and explorers, find out how Bremerton became a thriving town and a navy city.”  
Sandy McKay, Wednesday Magazine.

US Navy ships mentioned in the Bremerton history

USS Admiral R. E. Coontz, USS Alabama, USS Albany, USS Astoria, USS Baltimore, USS Bennington, USS Boston, USS Bremerton (CA130), USS Bremerton (SSN698), USS California, USS Charleston (III), USS Charleston (protected cruiser), USS Coghlan, USS Colorado, USS Connecticut, USS Constellation, USS Constitution, USS Coontz, USS Cummings, USS Goldsborough, USS Huntington, USS Illinois, USS Iowa, USS Kearsage, USS Kentucky, USS Louisiana, USS Maine, USS Marblehead, USS Maryland, USS Massachusetts, USS Memphis, USS Midway, USS Minnesota, USS Missouri, USS Mohican, USS Monterey, USS Nebraska, USS New Jersey, USS New Orleans, USS New York, USS Nipsic, USS Nitro, USS Ohio, USS Oregon, USS Pennsylvania, USS Peterel, USS Philadelphia, USS Pinela, USS Pittsburgh, USS Princeton, USS Raleigh, USS Ranger, USS Rhode Island, USS St. Louis, USS Saratoga, USS Seattle, USS Sinclair, USS South Dakota, USS Tennessee, USS Vermont, USS Washington, USS West Virginia, USS Wheeling, USS Wisconsin, USS Wyoming, USS Yukon

(magazine) named Bremerton America’s most livable city in 1990.


Microsoft’s Bill Gates' roots are imbedded in the town.  His great grandfather, William Henry Gates, Sr., started a junk store here prior to WWI.  The history of the family was written by Microsoft’s Bill’s aunt, Merridy Gates Williams.


It’s said that someone in the crowd one day in 1948 yelled at Harry Truman, “Give ‘em Hell, Harry.” Some historians doubt that.


America’s famous depression-era mass murder claimed as victims well know local residents and is known as the Erland’s Point Massacre.


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